Kerjasama Luar Negeri

No Tanggal Mulai Mitra Deskripsi Jenis Kerjasama Unit Pengelola Status
1 10-05-2018 University Of Mindanao, Philippines Kerjasama Tentang: 1. Faculty/Staff Fellowship Exchange; 2. Student Exchange. 3 Joint International Conferences, Joint International Research and Publication. 5. Joint Curriculum Development and 7. Sharing of Experiences. MoU Universitas Masih Berjalan
2 08-06-2017 The Universaity Of Groningen, The Netherlands Exchange programmes, based on their respective academic and educational MoU Universitas Masih Berjalan
3 17-04-2017 Departement of Geography, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon Cooperation about exhange of both Parties' members, Exchange of scientific materials, publications and information, Details on imlpementation of the cooperative proyect set forth above shall be consulted on, agreed to, and confirmed in a written document MoA Universitas Masih Berjalan
4 31-08-2016 The Korea Institute of Energy Research Energy technology cooperation MoU Universitas Masih Berjalan
5 20-07-2016 The Regents Of The Universitay Of Michigan On Behalf Of ITS Departement Of Anthropology Joint research proyects in fields of mutual interest, Exchange of academic publications an reports, Sharing of experiences in innovative teaching methods an course design, Organization of joint symposia, workshops, and conferences, Opportunities for facul MoU Universitas 1 Bulan Akan berakhir
6 13-07-2016 Guangxi University For Nationalities The People's Republic of China About the Construction of Pusat Bahasa Mandarin, Teacher Exchange, Student Exchange, Exchange of Books, Instituonal Publication, Scientific & Academic Information, Academic Exchange and Joint Research, Exchange Visit of University Delegatiopns MoA Universitas 1 Bulan Akan berakhir